• Why choose YepGarage?

With our experience in the automotive repair and equipment market, yepgarage.com is the only solution specially created for you and that will perfectly suit to the needs of car centers. On yepgarage.com, you can create your online shop self-sufficiently and offer your customers all the services that you currently offer them by telephone in your garage: appointments, quote request, etc.
In just a few clicks, you create your website. This is without commitment and you do not need any technical or marketing knowledge.

  • How can i get the free trial offer ?

You can test all of our features in the PRO formula for 1 month free of charge. We do not require a credit card number and you are not committed at the end of this period.
Simply click on the free trial offer on the right top of this page and start creating your e-shop in just a few clicks.

  • Is the a duration commitment if i subcribe to your offer ?

Each subscription lasts one month. You may at any time inform us of your wish to terminate your subscription. In order to terminate your subscription, simply click on “Cancel” on the subscription page. Your e-shop will then be deactivated and no longer visible to Internet users

  • What are the differences between the 4 levels of subscription?

YepGarage presents 4 subscription levels: LITE, BASIC, PRO and E-COMMERCE.
The LITE subscription enables you to define the design of your online shop and to indicate the locations of your various points of sale if you have several.
In addition to the features mentioned above, the BASIC subscription allows you to dsiplay your catalog of tires and services and to offer your customers to make an appointment or request a quote by contacting you by email.
The PRO subscription allows you, in addition to the features mentioned above, to display the prices of your tires and services on your e-shop and to offer promotional codes. Your customers will also be able to order online and then come to your point of sale and pay on site what they ordered from your e-shop.
The E-COMMERCE subscription allows you, besides the features mentioned previously, to show the stock avaliability of your products and to offer your customers the online payment, directly on your e- shop.
Find more details on this page:subscription comparison

  • Do I have to provide my credit card details for the free trial of YepGarage?

You can benefit from a 1-month free trial of YepGarage under the PRO subscription without providing your credit card details. It is only at the end of your trial that you will be required to choose a package  and provide payment details if you wish to continue using the service.

  • Are there any additional costs?

There is no additional costs. The cost of each subscription is clearly indicated on our site, you will  have NO extra installation, operating or hosting costs.

  • Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely, you can go to a higher or lower formula at any time, your change will be taken into account immediately and you will have access to the corresponding features in your personal account.

  • Can I cut off my subscription?

You can terminate your subscription at any time. Your e-shop will then be deactivated at the end of the current due date and will lo longer be visible from this moment on. You will simply pay the expenses of your outstanding subscription and no more.

  • Can I contact the customer support?

If you do not find the answer to your questions on  this page, you can contact our customer service who will answer you as soon as possible.
Use our contact page, specifying your location and your request so that we can answer your questions most efficiently.