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To be visible on the WebIncrease visits to retail outletsTo activate online orderTo activate online payment
Personalization of the site
Templating: choose the design of your shop
Addition of a carousel of images on the homepage
Background Image on your shop
Personalization of the wording
Personalization of the e-mails
Personalization of the menu of browsing
Creation of a menu in footer
Creation of specific pages (landing pages)
Link with your social networks
Policy of management of the cookies
Legal information + data protection
General terms of use
Retail outlet and geolocation
Information on the retail outlets
Details on the proposed services (general description)
Impression of the datasheet of the retail outlet
Calculation of the route to a retail outlet
Promotional offers to be printed
Search and look up
Brands available (homepage)
Catalogue of tyres of the shop
Proposed services (homepage)
Proposed tyres (homepage)
Search by dimension/vehicle (according to the countries)
Fore-runnings of gondola on the pages of results
Creation of promotional banners
Addition of the prices (tyres and services)
Creation of promotions (barred prices)
Estimate, go and online shopping
Request a quote tyres/services
Appointment management in line services
Reservation on line with payment in retail outlet
Addition of additional services tyres
Order tracking
Reservation and tyres online payment
Stock Availability
Additional features
Redirection towards the domain name of your choice
Contact form
Parameter setting for SEO
Install and monitor your site performance using Google tools
Newsletters subscription